[NEWS] bbokiMS is hiring!

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Welcome new members and existing buddies,

INTERN APPLICATIONS ARE STILL CURRENTLY OPEN (Developers please do not submit an app for dev position)

We advise all those who are interested to apply but currently will only be looking to hire individuals from EST/PST timezones for now. (EU timezones are welcome too)

If you:

  • Are Fun
  • Are A teamplayer
  • Are Not easily angered
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Can appreciate subtle sarcasm
  • Are Non dramatic experienced
  • Have plenty of fun ideas for the server
  • Do not need a babysitter

*Interns will help moderate/manage the players on the server, forum and discord as well as hosting GM events in your specific timezone, also come up with different seasonal events to keep players entertained. If you meet the above requirements, COME JOIN US! Lack of experience will not disqualify you.

If you would like to apply, please click on the following hyperlink: https://goo.gl/forms/VPP86xLduhZykm3u2

Drop @bboki / @Feras a DM after you have submitted your application.

Previous applications are still being reviewed, we will not accept anyone before the release of bbokiMS, so the silence does not mean you have been denied. Be sure to stay active in-game when it releases, your activity and behaviour in-game will play a big role on your acceptance.

Accepted applicants will be contacted / announced on discord.