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Hello bbokiers! A message from our staff members,

After many days of hard work and sleepless nights, bbokiMS has finally been released to the public. We’d like to thank everyone for being patient, because we know we kept you waiting a little too long. But alas, the wait is over. And now that the wait is over, we hope that you support our server in the present, and in the future. But, now that the server has finally been released to the public, where do we go from here? This server will be nothing without players and a community, and we’d like to create an enjoyable environment for players (new and old) so that we can thrive. We, (the staff members) have no demands or expectations from our players, but a few simple things you can do to contribute to our server is vote, be as active as you can, invite your friends to play with you, give us suggestions, etc. We have a responsibility to cater to our players, so please do get involved as much as you can! We’ve tried our best (and will continue trying our best) to create a server where everyone can enjoy themselves.

The most important thing is to have fun. That’s it from us, thanks for everything so far and we’ll see you in-game!