[EVENT] Christmas Tree Decorating

In Events by bboki

Hello bboki-ers!
Christmas is just around the corner, have you started decorating your Christmas Tree yet?

You can now go to Happyville by speaking to Rooney in the home map.

In Happyville, talk to Branch Snowman and choose a map with a Christmas tree to start decorating!
You may also talk to scarf snowman in the map to invite your friends to the room you are decorating in.

You can purchase ornaments to decorate your tree from NPC Rudi with mesos to decorate your trees.

Once you are done and are satisfied with your tree, submit your entry to this thread on our forum with the following format!

  • You may submit up to 2 entries per person.
  • Follow the format above, any entries that disregarded the above format will be disqualified.
  • You may decorate with anything you like, it does not have to be the standard Christmas ornaments you can find from Rudi! Surprise us by submitting the prettiest and the most creative entry to us!
  • Each staff member will have 2 votes for this event, the entry with the most votes will win the event.
1 WINNER | 1 White Christmas Ring + 1 Christmas Miracle Medal