[EVENT] Name & Shampy’s Epic Role Play Event

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Alright everyone, listen up. We know some of you like to pretend to be someone else (or something else in some cases) so the bright folk at bboki have decided to bestow upon you… a role play event! However, we know a few people out there might not be too fond of role playing as well. So, this post is to understand the demand for such an event. Without further ado, let me walk you through the details

  • The way your character looks matters! Your pixels should look a certain way if it’s acting as a certain character.
  • You can choose one map you’d like perform in, or we will choose a default map for you. The default map will be the same for everyone.
  • Be creative! If you choose a theme and perform it well you’re more likely to win than someone who doesn’t.
  • Be aware that if your theme is seen as racist or tries to incorporate inappropriate themes you will be disqualified. Stereotypes are fine.
  • The max party size is three, but you may participate with two members.
  • We will help you with any IOCs that you need! The expiration date for trial IOCs will be extended just for the event. No NX will be provided if you wish to purchase items from cash shop. You may obtain NX by voting or NX Coupons from monster drops.
  • The deadline for registration is the 3rd of August (2 weeks from now)
  • You will perform in-front of the judges (Name, Shampy and chan) live.
  • You can warp in a few friends to spectate, but they will be muted.

Now, you may be wondering why the max group size is three and that’s because of the prize. The total prize pool is $100 worth of Steam, Amazon, or Riot Points for first, second and third (Additional prizes such as permanent IOCs from @ioc or chairs will also be included if we have enough participants). The money will be split between group members. However, one thing for certain is that at least one team will be getting a full $60 worth of prizes.

If you’re thinking about signing up but haven’t done so already, please do so! If we don’t have enough registrations after the 2 weeks is up we’ll have no choice but to cancel the event.

That’s it for now! Please register on the forum if you’d like to enter!

Click here: Enter the event here!