[EVENT] Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year and welcome to 2020 bboki-ers!

To kick this year off, we will be having a 1 week long event! Albeit not as large-scale as the Christmas event, there will still be things to do for everybody.

First and foremost, we will be having a Double Vote Point event from the 1st – 7th January.

Dwank has a serious alcohol problem and New Years will be another excuse for him to go all out on the drinks!

All monsters in the game will drop V.I. Orange Mushroom Wine when killed. Hunt 1000 of them and talk to Dwank to trade them in for a “Happy New Year!” USE item.

“Happy New Years!”
Consuming the “Happy New Years” item will spawns a New Year’s Party Pouch monster in whatever map you are currently in. Upon killing it, it will drop Maple Coins and some Christmas items.

You will be able to use the item and spawn the monster at any maps (except event maps), so you have the ability to go to a map to solo it or kill it with your friends without worrying about randoms looting the monster drops.

“Happy New Year!” USE item will also be available in the Vote Point shop.

Now you might be wondering, “Maple Coins?  What are they for? Where can I trade them in???”

Well look no further to the Squid NPC located at @warp > Lachelein Canal!

You will be able to trade in your hard earned Maple Coins for a variety of New Years themed chairs by talking to Squid at Lachelein Canal.

Also, you may stand a chance to receive Maple Coins from the Christmas PQ if you complete the bonus stage!

1st January – 7th January 11:59PM (PST)
1st January – 8th January 2:59AM (EST)
1st January – 8th January 7:59AM (GMT)
1st January – 8th January 3:59PM (SGT)