[NEWS] Files Updates

In News by bboki

Greetings, bbokiers!

We have updated our files and in order to play the game, you must make sure your files are up-to-date!

Download the files here.

Some of the highlights of this update:

Newly added NX items
Up-to-date items from several different regions (GMS, KMS, JMS, CMS, MSEA)

Client updates
We have some fancy stuff to introduce you to very soon! Stay tuned for those.

Some performance improvements
Gameplay should feel a lot smoother and users should experience faster bootup.

New folder structure | Brand new patcher
Out with the old, in with the new! Our files will be running on a different structure as many of you are used to. This will allow us to patch files more easily and quickly in the future.

Some bug/item fixes, QoL changes
Fixed some items which causes players to crash and added more accurate and fitting descriptions for our server.