bbokiMS is a v83 high-rate server that strives to change the stale standards of features that many competitive high rate servers have to offer for years. The development of the server is also a hobby to both owners and most of our staff members. We care about creating well structured, fun, and innovative features for our community while still preserving the pre-bb aesthetic for the nostalgic experience some players are looking for.

All of our values and ideals help us make better decisions to foster a better community and environment to be in. While making the game as fair as possible, it also involves a lot of rebalancing so it isn’t too easy at the same time. As we continue to grow, we stay dedicated to building a server of the best quality, not only from the outside but also committed to providing a foundation serving our players a smoother overall experience in this very old v83 version with new or enhanced features that many of us miss.

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