We are looking for a dedicated individual that shares the same vision on how to grow bbokiMS further! These are some of the requirements we look for in an applicant.

  • Strict but still can be fun and have a good sense of humor
    • You must be able to act fairly when performing any staff duty, but it doesn't always have to be super serious, we don't want any negative energy that could be radiating towards our players that might create unnecessary tensions. It is not cool, cause no one should deserve bad attitude coming from you if you are personally having a bad day.
  • Patient and level headed
    • Since we are a server that is a hobby for many of us on the staff team, it's important for interested applicants to understand that planned features might take some time to be released on the server.
    • Despite many discussions and plans are made, things might not go as planned as most of us have a busy schedule in real life.
    • Aside from that, it's also important for applicants to be able to stay calm and level-headed when handling situations where players are arguing in a public chat.
  • Creative and have good ideas to contribute
    • This is not super necessary, but it would be something that is nice to possess as an applicant since we would need good and refreshing ideas for our future features.
  • Dedication
    • Applicants are expected to be able to fulfill staff duties as mentioned in the following section under 'responsibilities'.
    • It would also be more ideal if interested applicants could stay long-term. If you happen to have other plans after several months' time, leave it in your application anyway, we'll see if we can work things out together!
  • Certain level of knowledge towards the server in general
    • As mention in the title, you should know the basics of the features our server has to offer to be able to assist our players.
    • It would be a plus if you have experience with both our training features and GM-hosted events.
  • Trustworthy
    • We need someone who can keep staff-related discussions among staff members only. Everything discussed within private chats shall be kept strictly confidential. (Common sense)
  • No reputation for instigating drama
    • It could be fun to be involved in dramas but we are not interested in recruiting anyone who had a history of instigating dramas in any way.
  • Can perform without being babysat
    • You will be guided during your whole intern period by other staff members but you are expected to perform staff duties on your own post-intern.
    • Intern period should last between 2 weeks - 1 month based on the intern's performance.
    • The staff team will evaluate if you're suitable to keep this position, or if the intern would like to continue keeping this role.
  • Team-oriented
    • You must be able to work with other members of the staff team, which means involving yourself in discussions and lots of communication.


The following is a list of responsibilities accepted applicants will be expected to fulfill. We are trying to be upfront and transparent about what you are signing up for.

  • GM event hosting
    • You will be required to host events for our players on bboki while shifting between other staff members. This means taking turns filling event gaps when no other staff member is available at the moment.
    • Event hosting is generally pretty easy on here and semi-automated but the commitment for it is tougher than you think.
    • Preferably if there are understandings to a certain extent to frequently hosted events here on bboki.
    • As easy as this might sound, event hosting is an important job and is what has been keeping our server going, this will be a very needed task to fulfill.
  • Future features/Seasonal event planning
    • You will be a part of the planning team for upcoming features, working closely with the other staff members and our Playtesters.
    • Under special circumstances, you might even lead a project if we are using your idea as a foundation of an upcoming feature.
    • Seasonal events are limited-time events featured during special holidays.
  • In-game moderation
    • You are required to do round checks on players in training for any rule-breaking behaviors such as cheating with third-party software, macroing, keyweighing, or anything against our terms of service.
    • You will also be required to help players out on Discord or in-game.
  • Remember your role
    • Always remember what you signed up for, and maintain the same level of performance that you originally promised in your application.
    • Act appropriately around players especially when a GM event is being hosted. You are required to maintain your professionalism in front of players.


Unfortunately, as compared to the Playtester role, I don't believe that becoming a staff member has any benefit at all. As shallow as it may sound, besides having the ability to spawn your own items or enjoy free warping ability, there really isn't much of a "perks and benefits" situation. It is a community job that often gets taken for granted while having a strong commitment when it is less rewarding than most people think. But if you still want to be a part of us, we look forward to seeing your application soon!

INTERESTED WITH THE ROLE? Make sure you have read all of the above information. We look forward to working with a new staff member.