As this is a special role where only a few selected players get a chance to be a part of, there will be some requirements for keen applicants to have, which include:

  • You must be actively involved in what the server has to offer
    • From playing events to training related or any entertaining features.
    • Your online activity on bboki should be at least 3 days per week.
  • Have a certain level of knowledge towards grinding features
    • Preferably someone who has already reached the end game features.
    • If you believe you are very familiar with the v83 high rate culture and wish to be a part of this role by contributing fun and entertaining ideas, try applying anyway! We'd love to work with someone who can provide creative ideas.
  • Vocal about your opinions
    • Think there's a better way to improve an ongoing project? Perhaps an already released feature where you think it can be done better? Provide feedback and impress the team why that is!
  • Think like a development team
    • As you receive this role, think about the integrity of gameplay as a development team with your own judgement and viewpoint. Some features would require more planning and development to keep gameplay consistent with time for players.
  • Be mentally prepared to have your ideas be rejected, or receive any constructive criticism
    • The reason behind this is we do not want to discourage anyone who is willing to come forward with any ideas they decide to contribute.
    • Be ready for objections as a number of ideas may have been discussed many times and have come to a conclusion that it does not meet the standards or fits the vision or image we have for our server. Not because it is a bad one, but simply unsuitable or not something we're looking for.
  • Patience towards a feature being implemented on the server
    • As we are a group of hobbyists that have an IRL life to balance out, projects may take a long time to plan, develop and test before we are finally ready to release. With that being said, you may face disappointments if the process of releasing a feature takes longer than expected.
  • No similar relation with another competing server
    • As much as we would like to be open-minded about sharing future projects with a smaller group of people within our community, we prefer to keep things more private for now.
    • Similar relation includes but not limited to: A special role similar to being a Playtester on our server or mainly being a staff member of any sort on a different server.
    • The bottom line of this being acceptable would be if the server is very different from ours.
      (Different version, different gameplay)


There will be a few things we will be expecting Playtesters to fulfill where the responsibilities will come in along in receiving the role. This is our chance to be upfront and transparent about what you are signing up for.

  • Testing of pre-released features will be necessary
    • There will be lots of trial and error, repeated testing before a project can be released, in order to minimize any errors, bugs, or exploits post-release, testing will be a crucial process.
  • Giving feedback on different projects
    • In general, a different approach to handling a  project in order to make it as enjoyable as it can be
    • For future training-related features, there will also be many rebalancing or testing of rates.
      (Rates for Mob HP, spawn counts, EXP rate, Mesos rate, you name it)
  • Keeping Playtesters discussion confidential
    • Unreleased features and projects shall be kept confidential to regular players at all times. Players caught leaking anything related to any prior discussions we have had among any exclusive chats, channels, boards, materials, documents or forums will be removed from the Playtester role without any warning.
  • Be active
    • Playtesters must commit to being active on bboki. Your online activity should be around at least 3 hours a day, with a minimum of 3 days a week. We are all busy people so being on all the time is not what we are expecting.
    • If a Playtester is inactive for more than 3 months, you will be removed from the role shortly after a private notice has been sent to your DM on Discord.


Get a heads up and know what's coming up next on bboki before its official release. Private channels, internal updates, forum and access to our test server.


There is no commitment to participate in every single on-going projects, join the ones you're interested in.


There's no guaranteed reward every time, but if there's one, it'll be based on your contribution.

WANT TO JOIN US? We would love to work closer to the community, hope to see you soon!