By joining bbokiMS, you agree to abide by our server rules, ToS (“ToS” defined as the Terms of Service) and the bbokiMS staff team. (“Staff” defined as users with the role(s): Founder, Administrator, Gamemaster & Moderator on all our services: in-game, forum and discord server.)

The bbokiMS staff team retains the rights to mute, close access, kick and ban whoever violates the server rules and ToS on any related services our server provides. Players found violating our ToS and server rules may have their permissions restricted to access any of our services. 

Our ToS and server rules may be modified at any time without notifying, please keep in mind that our provided rules and ToS are not final and will always have the potential to change.

No form of any harassment is to be made towards other players or members of our services. Harassment -- that is, anything that attempts to intimidate, degrade, abuse, or bully others -- of any kind, is not allowed. Violations of this rule will be addressed on a case by case basis depending on the severity of the harassment.

Hate Speech
The use of any racial, ethnic, homophobic, or otherwise hateful slurs - even if the intent is not malicious - in public chat channels (discord, @s, all chat, forums, etc is strictly prohibited.

We use a three-strike system for those who violate this rule. The first strike will incur a verbal warning, the second strike will result in being jailed (in-game, if applicable) and a further reminder and the third strike will result in a ban. Further altercations will be considered a bannable offense. 

Graphic language or Imagery
Distribution or display of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content of any kind is not allowed in any of our services. No warnings will be provided. Members with inappropriate names or profile pictures will be kicked from the server immediately and banned if necessary.
Any heavily sexual related topics being conversed in public is strictly prohibited, casual r-rated words being brought up in a conversation is fine, excessive presentation of those related topics will receive appropriate punishments which include but are not limited to, jail time or temporary ban if one does not stop after being warned.

Personal Information
Sharing any personal information in public chats (discord, @s, all chat, forums, etc) is strictly forbidden, even if it is your own. Additionally, under no circumstances should any player be giving out someone else's personal information - including in private chats. Individuals who break this rule will be immediately banned.

Controversial Topics
Any heavy Political or Religious discussion is allowed only within the spam and rant section on the forum. The rest of our ToS still applies. Refrain from allowing these discussions to leak outside of these confined sections. If the staff team feels like the discussion is in need to be moderated, thread(s) will be closed or deleted. Casual Political or Religious discussions to a certain extent within our services (in-game, forum or Discord) are allowed. If any player tries to degrade/mock (non-jokingly to unacquainted individuals) someone for their belief in politics and religions, it will be considered a punishable offense. It is recommended to keep all related discussions in a private chat.

Client Edits/ WZ Edits
Unofficial edits of any sort are not allowed on bbokiMS. This is a punishable offense and will result in a temporary ban or permanent ban. 

Third-Party Programs
Any players caught using third party programs for both illicit activities or aesthetic purposes will be punished. Packet editing is strictly prohibited. 

Using any hacks, cracks, bots, or third-party software that may modify, temporarily or permanently, the code or the user experience of the Services, whether locally on your device or on servers, or using any application, software or technology that is not expressly authorized by us that enables cheating, power-levelling, or accomplishing game tasks that cannot be accomplished without the use of such an application, software or technology.

  • Reverse engineering, deriving source code, modifying, decompiling, disassembling the Services or any portion thereof, or otherwise determining or attempting to determine any source code, algorithms, methods or techniques used or embodied in the Services.
  • Using macros, auto-looting or robot play, or any other behavior that allows you (or any character you are controlling) to automatically function or effect any action in a game with or without your presence.
  • Botting also includes placing a heavy object on your keyboard, spamming the same skill/key while players fail to respond while prompted by a staff member within a timely manner

Any punished players caught trying to bypass the server ban or jail will be temporarily or permanently banned from the server.

Taking advantage of another player in order to take his/her items or account is prohibited. Scam reports will be investigated and if there is sufficient evidence of this activity, perpetrators will be severely punished. Players will be held responsible for items lost or stolen when transferring/trading in-front of others in a public map. We promote the use of the Trade System located in Character Info or when you right click a character and such actions to take place in a private map.
You can @callgm for assistance if you wish to have a staff member watch over a transaction.

Discussions of other servers are allowed on all platforms of our service. You are not allowed to promote other servers publicly, players caught advertising will be muted, kicked, or temporarily banned.

Real Money Transaction
Any transaction between players involving Real Money is strictly prohibited. This is a punishable offense and may result in having your account permanently banned. We do not recognize or allow the transfer of accounts between players. You may not, and may not offer to, purchase, sell, gift, or trade any account. Any such attempt shall be null and void and may result in the termination and forfeiture of the account.

Vote Abuse
You may vote for us on GTOP100 for different accounts (main + mule accounts) on different devices (your laptop, pc, mobile devices) and legitimate networks (on phone data/connected to a different WIFI) for up to 5 times a day in total. However, the use of VPN or proxy to vote on different accounts is strictly prohibited.
Players caught abusing the voting system through these methods can risk having their accounts partially wiped (mainly VP exchanged items, NX currencies, and Vote Points), face a temporary or a permanent ban. Please note that you may face an immediate ban if you have violated this rule whenever we do a log check.
Any accounts that have voted more than 5 times a day as of 10th December 2020 will be punished accordingly.

System/Bug Abuse
Any attempts of unfair gameplay here on bbokiMS is strictly prohibited. Taking advantage of a bug, glitch, exploit of our features, during an event, and our system here on bbokiMS is forbidden. All bugs, glitches, and exploits should be reported or notified to our staff team if you have come across any.
These actions will not be tolerated and abusers will be severely punished. Punishments for bug abusers include but not limited to jail time, account wipe, a temporary ban, or a permanent ban.

Account Sharing
Account sharing is not against the rules here on bbokiMS but we do not encourage players to share accounts as (i) anyone with access can make changes to that account, such as - modifying passwords, spending your currencies, trading your items, etc. Our server will not be responsible if items are lost due to account sharing. (ii) Your account might also be used to impersonate and perform malicious acts such as fraud. The account holder will be held responsible if any reports are received by the staff team.
(iii) A handful of our features are mule restricted so keep in mind that this might cause some inconvenience.
(iv) Players caught with any attempts of participating in an event on another account after maxing wins for the same event will be punished with a jail time, BP wipe, temporary ban or a permanent ban. This is against system abusing of our TOS as it provided unfair gameplay to other players.
(v) You will also be severely punished if you assist a user to bypass any punishments they have received from the staff team by sharing your account. "Bypass any punishments" such as - user has been jailed or banned by our staff team here on bbokiMS.
(vi) If you believe that your account has been compromised, please report it to a staff member immediately.

bbokiMS is a free-to-play server and donations are completely optional. By donating to bbokiMS, you agree to the ToS of bbokiMS and related services. Refunds will not be made under any circumstances. No chargeback is allowed, this is a punishable offense and can have your in-game reward taken away. All donations will be used to support the server. Donations can only be made through PayPal.

Rules on max wins
(i) Additional rules are added for players if the following events are hosted:
Suicide Bomber: Maxed winner(s) may still participate (avoid getting bombed), but will be excluded from being picked to be the bomber by the RNG system.
FFA Bomb Events (Terrorist, Dodge Bomb), My Jewel, Stun and Bombs, Bomberman: Maxed winner(s) will be asked to sit out to spectate.
(ii) Max wins are applied to bonus rounds
Unlimited wins during all events' bonus rounds are now abolished and players will only be able to win bonus event rounds once. This also applies to RNG events.
(iii) Participating on a different account after max winning on main
Players caught with any attempts of participating in an event on another account after maxing wins for the same event will be punished with jail time, BP wipe, temporary ban, or a permanent ban.

Party Abuser
Keep in mind that GMs are aware of any party modifications during an event. Players caught abusing the party system will be disqualified.
Example such as:
(i) Switching party members to get extra resurrection benefits after the round starts
(ii) Using the resurrection skill during a solo event.
GMs will be handling this on a case-by-case basis; resurrection skill is set to be disabled for all solo events on default.
Party locks are disabled on default in case solo/smaller party size (to party limit) members need to party up newly joined players who participated (typically) with the @jt command, or other solo players who failed to join a party before the round starts.
Party locks are enabled if random parties are enabled, or events like Marathon/Olympics are being hosted.
Repeated offenders may be punished with jail time, BP wipe or a temporary ban.
Violations and Disciplinary Methods
Any violation of the Terms of Service and/or Server Rules is subject to disciplinary measures that include, but are not limited to: warnings, mutes, kicks, temporary bans, account wipes, and permanent bans. Any attempts of bypassing a punishment whether if it's a jail or a ban will result in a permanent ban on bbokiMS.

Introduction to the following terms

The term “Ks” and “kill steal” is used to define when another player enters a map and proceeds to kill the entities when the map has already been owned by a player, without the map owner’s permission.

A player can claim full ownership of all entities in the map if they are actively attacking monsters or are engaged in any kind of combat with them. “Ks” also includes picking up loots dropped in the map without the owner’s consent or by attacking any monsters in the map and/or any monster that is currently in combat with the map owner.

A “main” will generally be considered as the most actively used character by the person. They do not have to possess powerful equipment, have higher stats in overall or high amounts of rebirths. Staff will determine if a character is a “main” at their own discretion in the related circumstances mentioned in the rules itself.

Mule/Account sharing
Any character or account that isn’t the player’s primary option will be considered as a “mule”. This will also apply to account sharing between two players’ “main” accounts. The usage of both “main” characters of different players, operated by the same user under the same device and/or the same connection will be considered a “mule”.

This means when you have more than 1 character being online or connected to our server at the same time, no matter the character’s activities.

Hunting grounds
This defines any normal field maps, farming maps, non-hangout maps and boss maps, where a player can be actively attacking monsters or are engaged in combat.

  • Boss maps
    Boss maps include any maps that have boss spawns. Boss types include field bosses (I.E, Dodo, Crow, Pianus, Rombots and etc.) or NPC entry only bosses although currently unavailable, (I.E Zakum, Horntail, Pink Bean etc.).

Effective immediately:
Idle characters in the field
Inactive characters in all populated field or boss maps will now be transported back to @home or the related town map if a staff member gets involved to do an inactivity check. You may get a friend or a guildmate to train in the map on behalf of you until you get back to avoid any disappointments and unhappy results.

Kindly leave the map if you are going to be AFK for more than 30 seconds. If you insist on staying close to check the boss timer, please leave your character in resting spots close to the boss map. The map will be entitled to the person who enters the map first.

Boss maps
Characters of the same user (“main” and “mules”) will be limited to 2 in total within the same boss map, this will apply to the same map of a different channel.

(Example: bboki (“main”), and bbokimule (“mule”) are in cc 1 Pianus map, she cannot have a different “mule” in cc 2 Pianus map.)

A “mule” character can still be used to help kill a boss (mainly for aggroing) that's in the same channel as their “main”, or to scout for bosses in different channels. Players found multi-clienting within the same hunting ground of a different channel while already having 2 characters connected will be removed from the map. Further attempts to re-enter the map will result in punishment including but not limited to, jail time or a temporary ban.

Normal field maps
While being in non-boss hunting grounds, players are only limited to using one channel only while we show leniency towards the use of “mules”. They will be allowed to use their “main” character and a reasonable number of (1-3) “mules” to help them farm within the same map and the same channel. For example, using their mules to pick up item drops with pets.

Priority & exceptions
Generally, “main” characters will have complete priority if they enter the same hunting ground that has another player's “mule” in it. If a player has the intention of levelling up their “mule” for the ‘Blessing Of The Fairy’ skill, they will be considered as the “main” character. Another exception will be made to allow the “mule” character to claim ownership is if their main is idle - AFK in @home or is not online at all.

This rule extends to instances where “mules” are aggroing a boss. The “main” character will be entitled to the map (and claims ownership) and any attempts to attack the boss by another player's “mule” will be considered ksing. Similarly, any attempts after a player's “mule” notices that another player's “main” character is attacking the boss and comes into the map later with their own “main” to attack will be considered ksing. Ksing will result in appropriate punishments decided by the staff.

“Mules” cannot be used to claim ownership of a map unless their “main” character is also in the map already. In the case where there are two different “mules” in a boss map, the first “main” character that reaches the map and attacks the boss is considered to be the map owner.

If you notice that a player's “main” character is AFK in a boss map, you are able to claim ownership of the map if they do not respond within 30 seconds. In these cases, you may also ask any GMs for assistance and request them to remove the AFK player from the map to avoid any type of conflict.

Multi-client training will now be restricted. Players who multi-client will only be allowed to have inactive characters in hangout map + a restricted amount of training characters in field maps. Read "Boss maps" & "Normal field maps" for the allowed character amount. 
Training activities will now be restricted to 1 field map only.

  • Example: If you have 2 characters active in Pianus Cave, you may not have other clients in West Street Corner of Perion (Gacha Farming map).

Leeching from other players will no longer be possible if you are already in combat in a different map. More multi-client restrictions may be introduced in the future.

Violations and Disciplinary Methods
Any violations of the Terms of Service and Server Rules will be subjected to disciplinary measures that include, but are not limited to, warnings, mutes, kicks, a temporary ban, account wipes, permanent ban, and other methods as seen fit.  Any attempts to bypass a punishment whether if it's a jail or a ban will result in a permanent ban on bbokiMS.

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